#2 Sleep late, coffee, airport, cinema

This was a lazy sunday!

My day started at 9 am, with waking up.
Okay I´ve to tell the truth, out of the bed I was by 11:30 am.
First and most important step, was to get a coffee and grap my smartphone to check the latest news, tweets and what else in the world happend.

At 12am I started slowly to decide, what I could do today, so I came up with the idea maybe I could go with my dad to the airport and see some planes.
Me and my dad, did this for a long time, thats something what really connects us, watching planes, see people hurry to there flights and get a coffee.
This brings as every time into a good mood, let us feel like we go for a vacation.


So we went at 1pm to the Salzburg W.A. Mozart International Airport, there was not that much traffic on the airport because it was Sunday and Salzburg is a little airport.
But at least we saw about 10 planes and 3 starts, so it pays.
They have a little nice patio, where you´re able to watch what´s going on on the ramp and the runway.

After we were back from the airport we had dinner, some nice chicken breast´s with carrots .
In the evening we went to cinma to watch the new movie “Sleepless” with Jamie Foxx.
Maybe I write a little review about the movie the following days, we will see.


So that was it for today  – rocks
If you have any suggestions for me, feel free to leave a comment.












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