#1 PlusCity, a wedding dress, BBQ and a lost car key

So this is my first blog entry, so don´t overhasty convict me. 😉
Also I´ve to say that english is not my mother-tongue, so I´m sure you will find some mistakes.


So let´s get started:

Yesterday I had a “man-day” with my best friend, because his fiancé was shopping for her wedding dress with my girl friend.

So we decided to drive to a big mall in Linz,Austria the PlusCity,it´s about one and a half hour from Salzburg away.
It was the second time that I was there, I love the mall because it´s so big and it reminds me always on the big mall in Dallas,TX were I and my girlfriend have been last year.

There we went to Burgerista ( own opinion: Best Burgers in Austria ), also they´ve a Dunkin Donuts ( 1 of 4 in Austria).
After our belly were full with good unhealty food, we went to Primark to shop a little bit, i found me a sweater and a t-shirt.

Food, Clothes check:
So we strolled arround the windows, also we went to the top floor were they´ve a cinema with 14 theater´s.
But unfortunally there were only kids movies, the only possible movie “The Lego Batman” we´d allready seen.
So after food, clothes and no cinema we went back to Salzburg to meet with our girlfriends.
And they had some good news, they found a awsome weeding dress.
Of course they only showed it to me and not to my best friend.

In the evening we thought about what we could do.
And to tell the truth we all we´re starving, so we decided to go to a chinese or mongolian restaurant.
And after the third call we found a restaurant which had a table left for us.
So we went to World of Asia a mongolian bbq restaurant, which has a “all you can eat” buffet.
There we filled our belly to the maximum with good food.
On the way back to our cars, my friend realized that he has lost his car keys,
luckly we could find them after 15 minutes in a near restaurant.


So all in all a nice saturday!
If you have any suggestions for me, feel free to leave a comment.



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