#3 Motivation, apprenticeship, starbucks and studying

How should I start this blogpost?

It’s Monday morning and I have no motivation to stand up!
The bed is just to cosy, and what should i do outside its cold!

The quotationt above describes my every monday morning battle.
Okay to tell the truth my everyday battle from Monday to Friday.
But after a few minutes i won the fight against my laziness, and managed to go showering, get my coffee and leave the house to catch the bus in time.

And there my motivation droped already again, the bus is crowded, no place to sit and there is this weird smell like somebody forgot to shower.
But 30 minutes later I managed it to school just in time.

What school?

Maybe you think now, in his “about” page it says that he works as an IT technician?!
Yes, thats the truth, but here in austria you can go to college (where I’ve been for 4years, without graduation) or you make a “Lehre” (kind of apprenticeship).

So after my drop out from college I started an apprenticeship as IT technican,  the sytem here
is to go working for 3.5 years and each year you’ve to go to school for 9 weeks.
That brings you at the end a certificate, that you are an IT technican.
So you can work as an IT technican or start your own company in this sector,
so the “Lehre” partial better than collge.

So let´s continue.

Okay I think we can skip the school day, becaus it was boring and I don’t want to think about it any more. 😉
“What can I do to get my motivation back and study in the evening?”
Right! Starbucks and get my venti hazelnut latte there 🙂

So afterwards I went to starbucks with my girlfriend, got me the coffee and relaxed there for a few minutes, watched a few videos and read some news.
I love watching people there, doing there work, talk, hurry in and out or just chill like me.
And this is where I end now my post for today, because I’ve to study 😦   😉

If you have any suggestions for me or want to share something with me, feel free to leave a comment.



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