#4 Exam, follower, and a laptop ban USA/UK

Tuesday morning, the morning battle with my laziness was quickly done! – 6 am

Also i recognized in the morning that I’ve my first 4 followers, this makes me a little bit proud.
I know that is not much, but at least there are some.
Than I had to study and repeat a  little bit of the test topics for “History and Politics”.
But the test shouldn´t be that difficult, because I like this subject and the topics are also not that difficult.

So after the little morning study session and my coffee, I went to the bus.
Then I realised that there is a new Podcast from Engadget, love this guys, I had to listen to it rightaway.
They are talking about new technic stuff, sometimes politics and many other weird topics 😉 , so if you intressed I linked them above.

So taking the bus was nice today, becaus I didn’t hear anybody only my podcast 🙂
But of course I wasn’t able to fade out the weird smells in the bus, but I think I slowly get used to this smells 😀

8 am to 4:50 pm – school

After school I went to starbucks, there I read some news article and met with my girlfriend.

One news article was real interessting or should I say weird, a travel ban for all mobile devices?!
I read it first on NBC News, but there where only a few informations out, so I searched a littlebit deeper and came to the BBC articles ( US/UK ban )

So first the US and later the UK introduce a cabin ban for all devices that are bigger than a “normal” smartphone.
So no laptops, tablets or anything else?!

This sounded really weird to me, what is with the people who’ve to work during the flight?
Doing work on the IPhone? Watch movies on the tablet?
But on the other hand i think they’ve a reason or at least believe that they have one.
But all in all seems weird to me?
I dont know what I would do the  whole time without my tablet.
Board entertainment also gets boring after 2 movies, and there is much time left on a 9 hours flight from LHR to DFW for example.
But than I read more detailed article and found out that the ban is “only” for direct flights from 10 airports.
But anyway it seems weird to me? Will follow this!  What do you think?


So this is where I end my blog for today, now it´s movie time.
If you have an opinion to the ban or any general suggestions, feel free to comment.



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