#5 Schoolday, anticipation, Dallas, Chicago


Procedure like everday, stood up at 6:15 am
bus to school

In school we’d to finish a little video project about “antivirus tools”, of course nobody of my team member did his homework for the project.
So we had to cut and mix the whole project in 1 hour, now it’s a little bit “crappy” but at least we were able to hand over just in time.
I hope the video gets not that overrated, but as I know that teacher it should be okay. 😉


Later that day my girlfriend linked me on an old facebook post, it was from our journey to Dallas,TX last year.
After that I checked my countdown and there are only 58 days left until vacation.

Where do I go?
Like last year I go with my girlfriend again to Dallas,TX for vacation and meeting her auntie and family there.
This year we’re also going for a short trip to Chicago,IL, I think this is a real nice city.
I’m full of anticipation to check this out.
We´re planing to go to the 360 Chicago, to the Chicago Fire House ( from the series ), AMC of course and the Skydeck Chicago.
Do you have any suggestions?

And what are we doing in Dallas, where we are staying for about 16 days?
Well, Movie Tavern, fun with the family, visting Forth Worth and Dallas, want to see a rodeo, going back to Six Flags, Wallmart, Starbucks, Taco Bell, ….
What else should I add?


But now back to the boring things in life:

Of course today is a learning day again …boring…
It’s for the subject “devices and digital technic”
Seems interesting, but it is so much theory.

So plans for the evening:
– learning
– watch a new movie on Netflix or Prime

This is why I will quit my blog here. -rocks
If you have any suggestions for me or want to share anything else, feel free to leave me a comment.


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