#6 exam again, starbucks again, bus again and noodles

I started my day a little bit stressed and confused, because today was again an exam to write.
So I grabed my coffee, and was flying over my notes.
After the 4th lesson my stress level finally went back to chill mode 😉
There was nothing more to prepare for this week, so one step towards the weekend.
Good mood level on the “top”, weather outside: sunny 15°C, so what do you want more?

Okay maybe no school 😉
Afterwards I went to Starbucks, I know!
Same procedure like every day, but it´s not only because of there coffee or ice tea.

It´s the place,
the atmosphere,
meet people,
drink & eat and just chill.

There are also so other stores which I need often, so that whole package is real handy.
After I met there with my girlfriend and got me an ice tea, we went to the bus.
At home we then cooked together, a weird combination out of the things which were in the fridge.
This lead us to noodles with mozzarella, bacon cubes, garlic and olive oil.
Real yummy!

Then the big thinking proccess “what to do in the evening” started. 🙂
So we came up with meeting my best friend at his house and make a “tv watching” evening.

Will leave the house now!
See ya tomorrow -rocks


Any suggestions for me, fell free to share and discuss with me!


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