#7 new podcast, seats for the flight, start the weekend

Stood up in 20 seconds, it´s friday! 🙂
After my coffee on my way to the bus, I was searching for some new podcast´s
Because my favorites had nothing new published, so I found the “The Daily” podcast.
So far I could really recommend it, it´s from the New York Times and about many diffrent news stuff.

Later that day I checked if there´re are some better seats on our flight in May to Dallas.
And guess what, I found two nice seats next to the window without any additional charge, on both flights ( LHR-DFW-LHR).
Than I also checked the on board entertainment program, I really hope the actual movies will be there when we´re flying.
There were some really good movies like: La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, Deep Water Horizion and Moana.
But we will see!

After school I went where?
You´re right, of course I was at Starbucks and got me an black ice tea lemonade and met with my girlfriend.
At home we did than our plans for the weekend:
Today – nothing 😀
Saturday: cheatday ( Will tell you more about that tomorrow), shopping
Sunday: car show, cinema


What I am doing now?
Trying not to feel asleep and finish that post, I promise there will come some longer and more intressting on the weekend.

So stay tuned! – rocks

Any suggestions, tell me and discuss with me!


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