#8 cheatday, airport video, burger, clock change


Today I slept late, because it´s weekend and there was nothing on my timetable!
So after I stood up at 9am, I made me and my girlfriend a coffee.
She went then to the nail studio, so I had a litte bit time left and thought about what I can do?!

So I came up with the idea I could go to the airport again and test my new “fake GoPro”.
At the airport I took some shots with the “GoPro” for a little timelapse video.
But the fun of filming and observing the planes was over real quick, as a police office came by and told me I and the other guys had to leave the visitor balcony for safety reasons.
Don´t overrate this happening, that happens often when to much traffic is on the airport, than they close the balcony so that the officers from there could watch out in the arrival and departure hall.

I think the footage is not that bad,  for a 30bugs fake GoPro.
What is your suggestion? Leave a comment.
After this short visit at the airport, I drove to “Europark” a big shopping center, to get me something for lunch.


Finally! Like every Saturday I had my cheatday, where I can eat what I want.
So I decided to go to Mc Donalds, and get me some unhealty Burger stuff 😉
This really the best day in the week!

Why cheatday?
Because I´m on a diet, in german it´s called “trennkost” should be in english “food combining”.
What am I allowed to eat?
The food is there splitted in 3 categories: carbonates, protein and neutral food.
You eat 3 times a day, there you can eat every combination, the only one which is not allowed is carbonates + protein
Does it work?
Yes, I lost almost 8kg without any or only less sport in just 8 weeks.

Then after cheat lunch, I went to “Saturn” (similar to BestBuy) to look at some DVDs and other technic stuff.
Also I tried out the new MacBook Pro with the TouchBar, real cool thing but so f**king expensive!
Afterward I went home to cut&edit the “big” footage from the airport and uploaded it to YouTube, like you saw above.

 afternoon program

Later when my girlfriend was back, she and a other friend come over to my flat,
and we played some card games until we went out in the evening.
We later went to “Burgerista” ( same company like in Linz last week),
they make awsome burger which I can really recommend.

Now we´re back home,  and going now to watch one or two DVDs, before
a real nice day ends!
Don´t forget tonight is clock change, here in Austria, Europe. – rocks

Want to tell me something? Fell free to leave me a comment.


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