#10 clock change, GoT, Casey started again, perfect day

Sorry for the short post yesterday, today a little bit longer again.

So today the weekly battle with my morning laziness started again, and thanks to the clock change yesterday more than else.
But I needed so long that there was no time for my morning coffee.
So I went without my motivaton and without my coffee to the bus.
At least no weird smeels in the bus today.

In school I started than to learn for the exam in the 7th lesson, was in the subject “finacial calculating”( would call it like this in english).
Exam went really well!
After that I got a notification that my favorite YouTuber Casey Neistat uploaded a new video.
Than I read the title “THE VLOG IS BACK”, and I was dying of happiness.
Best news of the day!
So at home first thing to do was watch the video.

Later at home I made me a nice dinner eggs sunny side up and spinach.
Oh I forgot of course I was at Starbucks again on my way home, what else? 😉
After dinner I watched another episode of GoT ( season 5 episode 5 ) with my girlfriend.

This is now where I am writing these short update about my day, and
planing what else is there to watch.

Tomorrow dentist, write ya tomorrow 😦 😉 – rocks


Any suggestions for me? No, I dont want any spoiles for GoT ( “lalalalalalala”)


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