#11 usa countdown, school, dentist, firebrigade

Tuesday, waking up, get coffee and go to the bus.

Of course today was school again, but at least no exams or anything simillar today. 🙂
After lunch break I went to the dentist :(, but thankfully only for oral hygiene.
So the visit wasn´t that bad.

Later back at school we had a presentation from the police about traffic safety.
Was quiet interesting and he showed some real scary scenes and showed how fast you can end up in jail.

At home I had to do some work quickly for my company, send some newsletters out to our customers.
Then I went to the firebrigade, finally again after one week, but it wasn´t that interesting today because we had an IT training.

After firebrigade I thought again about our upcoming vacation,
and the countdown is already at 52 days.
I already have ideas what I could share here then in my blog,
like a little travel-log.

Now I´m watching “Friends”with my girlfriend, so goonight – rocks
– Oh forgot wasn´t at starbucks today = weird!?

Suggestions? Comment and discuss with me!


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