#12 school, birthday present, cinema

Let´s skip the coffee, shower, bus and school part.

So after school I went to Starbucks where I met with my girlfriend,
after a short “chill” there we went straight home.
At home I had to do some funny stuff, designing a birthday present.
It was a fake cover for a PS4 game, was a lot of fun to create it.

Also at home I had to watch the new video of Casey,
at this point I have to say how awsome it is that he startet again with his vlog.
I could fully recommend it!

Dinner, YouTube videos what do you want more?
Of course there are more possibilitys, so this is why we´re going to watch the new
Power Rangers at the cinema now.


This is also the reason why my blogpost is a little bit short again.
I´m really sorry I will try to get back to my minum of 300-400 words at least.

So will write ya tomorrow – rocks


#USA countdown 51 days left


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