#13 School, Samsung S8, Dual OS smartphones

We´re should I start today?
On my way to school I listened to the new podcast of engadget,
they had a special week where they were talking about cooking and how helpful google & co is for that.

School was boring today, so let´s skip this part. 😉

On my way home I finished the podcast, and watched some reviews
from the Samsung S8 which was launched yesterday as you probably know.

They showed there a cool new feature which really engaged me.
No it´s not the new voice assistant Bixby, it´s the Dex dock which transform
the smartphone to a desktop.


To tell the truth they are not the first Microsoft and HP tried this also in the past.
This is now a real nice feature but not what I really expected,
because in the end you´re still stucked with an Android desktop.

What did I expected or what do I want?
I´m thinking often about a smartphone which could handle two operating systems.
For example you´ve Android for mobile and in the dock it starts a Windows 10.
Why is that not on the market, virtualizations are so common on computers and servers.
Why not on smartphone?
Is it the processor? I don´t think so because nowadays you´re also able to install
a small version of Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi.

So why can´t we get this to our smartphones?
I think if this would be on the market I would use 90% my “smartphone-pc”.
Also I think with the todays smartphone specifications it should be possible.
For Example take the OnePlus 3T:
– Quad Core, Kryo
– Storage 64GB/128GB

So this specs seems to me enough, so for example when the smartphone is in the
dock the RAM for Android gets reduced to 2GB and I´ve a Windows 10 Machine with 4GB.
Or to I miss there something, because I´m not sure if the actual processors are
able two make virtualizations.
What are your suggestions? Would you use a “smartphone-pc” if it has Windows and Android.
I know today it was not as ever but I really find that intressting and wanted to share that.  -rocks

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