#14 lazy, lazy, driver license, cinema

Hey guys I’m really sorry for missing the last three blog posts.

But the week was so busy and then the weekend also so I just had to relax two days.
No time for writing sorry.

So let´s make a quick overview what happend the last days.


She did it!
What? Who?
My girlfriend passed the driving exam, so f**king proud of her.
So when I came home from school we went directly to my car, to drive around.
We have to improve her driving skills a bit but for the beginning she drove really good.

Later that evenning we went to the birthday party of a friend of mine, these is the friend where I did the PS4 cover as mentioned in the last posts.
Was a real fun evening!


The next we went to PlusCity Linz, yes again! 😉
But I promised her when she pass we´re driving there as pratice and reward.
We had a nice day there, shopped some new clothes and had our cheatday at McDonalds.
In the evening we decided what else we could do, so we came up with the idea going to the cinema!

We watche Kong:Skull Island, it was a real good movie also when I think that some action scenes a little bit to overdrawn.

It was Sunday, so it was time to do nothing 😀
No, we were at next birthday party.
It was the party from my girlfriends uncle, had some “Schweinsbraten” ( kind of a steak ) there yumm!

Today I had a real hard battle to came out the bed, I was so tired and even don´t know why.
In school we had a exam again today, yeaaah!
On my way I wanted to stop at Starbucks, but it was very crowded so no coffee. 😦
At home I watched some new videos from Casey and some new series on netflix.
After that it was already time for bed so I will end this blog post here -rocks


Any suggestions, feel free to comment.
#USA countdown 46 days


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