#15 What happend? One month no blog?

Hi Guys,

I´m back!
Sorry for the last month not one blogpost, nothing!
But I had many things to do, school was going to end, work started again.
Now one month later on this saturday I find time again to write a littlebit.

The good news my travel countdown dropped down to 13days. #usa #dallas #chicago
My girlfriend I already so excited and can´t wait to take off again on the 19th of May to the U.S. .
Also we´re already planning what we want to see, which food we will try and which movies they show on our flights. 😉

What happend in the last month?
I finished the third class of four, with a grade average of 1.0.
“Nerd” – I know, but it was really not that hard. 🙂

Also I watched a few movies in the last weeks:
– Guardians of the Galaxy 2
– Expedition Happiness ( german documentation) *
– Fast and Furious 8  ( of ourse  😉 )
– Going in Style
– The Founder*
– Shin Godzilla ( worst movie I´ve ever seen )

* I could fully recommend this two movies, “The Founder” should be avaible every where.
“Expedition Happiness” – is a german documentation where a couple drove throw
Alaska-Canada-USA-Mexico, movie is only avaible in german.
But you could checkout their english YouTubeChannel

Last week I was very busy, because I was back from school, and their was so much work to do.
So no Starbucks visits, but the good news:
Starbucks has now Nespresso capsule, so a little Starbucks feeling for home 😉

Today is a cheat day again, so I was already in a fast food restaurant.
What I ate? Burgers of course, what else!

Also my girlfriend is coming back today from her trip to Dublin with her class, really excited to see her after 4 days again.

What else will I do today?
I really don´t know, no plans maybe just chilling and of course picking her up at 10pm.


Also I decided I will not write every day a blogpost, because I think this will end in the same disaster like this time with one month no posts.
So I think maybe I will write every 2 or 3 days something new, to let you know what´s going on.
Of course when vacation starts, I will try to write daily.


– See ya! rocks



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