Quiet for so long, new ideas,…

Hy Guys,

sorry that it was that quiet in the last few months.
To be honest I hadn´t that much motivation and time for it.

Also I worked a little bit on my second hompage which you can check out here:  AdminPi

What I´m doing on the other website?
The other Website is a little place where I post some projects of myself,
for exmaple the last one was a little Outlook plugin.

Also I was searching the whole time for some new ideas,
to create / program  and publish.
But I had to find out it´s really hard when you want to create something that intense.

Because my brain is empty, no ideas, nothing what I can create.
Best ideas alwas come when I dont think about it, then suddenly it drops a new idea, a new project.

So maybe I shouldn´t think that intense about creating something.

So this is maybe why started to read some books again, to get my head a littlebit more distracted form the creating idea.
By the way I can really recommend The Last Milce by David Baldacci, but maybe if you interested start with the first book of the 3 book series.

You can also do it  like me start with the second book,
and recognize at the half of the book that there is a first part.  😉


What else happened it the last months?

I was again in the United States of America.
I visited that time Dallas and Chicago, two really awsome big city´s.
Maybe I write a little bit about the trip in the next posts.


So I will close this post for today, because I have to work 😉


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