#15 What happend? One month no blog?

Hi Guys, I´m back! Sorry for the last month not one blogpost, nothing! But I had many things to do, school was going to end, work started again. Now one month later on this saturday I find time again to write a littlebit. The good news my travel countdown dropped down to 13days. #usa #dallas... Continue Reading →


#14 lazy, lazy, driver license, cinema

Hey guys I'm really sorry for missing the last three blog posts. But the week was so busy and then the weekend also so I just had to relax two days. No time for writing sorry. So let´s make a quick overview what happend the last days. Friday: She did it! What? Who? My girlfriend... Continue Reading →

#9 car show, study, cinema

I'm sorry, today I have only a real short post. Why? Becuase I'm in hurry and it's already late. 🙂 So today I slept late, after lunch we went to a car show. There we checked the latest cars on the market which we couldn't afford. Afterwards we went to cinema and watched "Beauty and... Continue Reading →

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